Shield® Level Annuities

With a level of protection and growth opportunities, a Shield annuity can help you focus on the future – even when the market is uncertain.

Kristin shares why she chose a Shield Level annuity for her portfolio

Diversify your retirement portfolio with a Shield Level annuity.
Protect your retirement assets

A Shield annuity is designed to help protect a portion of your assets and limit losses during market downturns with the choice between three levels of downside protection: 10%, 15%, and 25%.

Piggy Bank
Participate in growth opportunities

Balance is built in. Not only does it offer a level of protection against losses, it also offers growth opportunities during up markets.

Pay no annual fees

Unlike many financial products, you won’t pay annual fees with a Shield annuity (though costs may apply if you make withdrawals or end the contract early).1

How to Buy a Shield Level Annuity

Shield Level Annuities are purchased through your licensed financial professional.

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How a Shield Level Annuity Works for You

A Shield annuity is index-linked. This type of annuity doesn’t invest directly in the markets. Instead, it offers growth opportunities by tracking the performance of a market index.

Your Shield annuity can be tailored to your needs by answering four questions:

1. What index or indices do you want to track?

Select from among the S&P 500® IndexA (large cap), Russell 2000® IndexB (small cap), and the MSCI EAFE IndexC (international stocks).

2. How much protection do you want?

A Shield annuity offers a built-in level of protection2 called the Shield Rate. This protects your assets from some of the losses that can derail a portfolio.

3. How much growth potential do you want?

Select the Cap Rate or Step Rate. The Cap Rate “caps” growth at a set percentage at the end of the term. The Step Rate credits a set percentage of growth to your account at the end of the term - even if your selected index is flat.3

4. How long do you want to invest?

Select the term - how long you want to invest. We’ll compare the index value at the start and end of the term and factor in the protection level as well as the Cap Rate or Step Rate to determine your new account value.

Hint: Try the Interactive Tool above to see how different selections may affect performance in a variety of market conditions.

Shield Product Demonstration Come along on a scenic journey that explains how Shield works.

Shield level annuities are worth exploring.

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A Shield Annuity in Action
A Shield Annuity in Action

Using Jack and Kristin as an example, let’s take a look at how a Shield annuity can help you protect a level of what you’ve worked so hard to save, while still allowing for growth opportunities.

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Barron’s Best 3 Years Straight
Barron’s Best 3 Years Straight

Shield annuities have been included in Barron’s annual ranking as a “Best Structured Annuity” for the third year in a row.4

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Looking for the latest Shield rates
Looking for the latest Shield rates?

Get the current rates for all Shield annuity products here. Our rates update on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

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How to Buy Shield Level Annuity

Our products can only be purchased through a financial professional. Your advisor can help keep your plans on track and decide whether a Brighthouse Shield annuity makes sense in your plan.

Questions to help you begin the conversation:

  1. What percentage of my retirement assets should I invest in a Shield annuity?
  2. How have the indices Shield annuities track performed in the past?

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