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Fixed Rate Annuities

Retirement is a time to finally take advantage of the plans you’ve made – and worry less about how you’re going to pay for them.

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An effective plan to save for retirement may require a certain amount of participation in equity markets. But having some guaranteed growth in your portfolio that’s protected from volatility in the stock market is a strategy that can help ensure your goals are met and your plans aren’t derailed by unexpected events.

Guaranteed Growth
Guaranteed Growth

The initial interest rate is guaranteed for the length of the Initial Guaranteed Period selected and will be unaffected by equity market conditions.

Tax-Deferred Growth
Tax-Deferred Growth

Generally, taxes aren’t paid until money is withdrawn so, your hard-earned money stays hard at work until its ready for you to use.¹

Choice to Fit Your Needs
Choice to Fit Your Needs

Choose your term and other options to fit your specific needs.

Guaranteed Growth

When it comes to saving for the future, here are two things you can count on:

  • Market volatility can be enough to scare even the most disciplined investors; and

  • By offering guaranteed growth, a Fixed Rate Annuity from Brighthouse Financial can add a level of certainty to your retirement savings, giving you added confidence in your retirement outlook.

That’s because the fixed interest rate your annuity earns is guaranteed for the Initial Guarantee Period you choose.2 This means that your money is growing steadily and will be there when your Guarantee Period has ended. This guaranteed growth and stability are what make a fixed annuity such an important part of a diversified portfolio.

Tax Deferral

In addition to guaranteed growth, you may also benefit from the tax deferral the annuity offers. Generally, taxes aren’t paid until money is withdrawn. And because taxes aren’t paid on the interest each year, your hard-earned money stays hard at work until its ready for you to use.

Your assets earn interest.
Your interest earns interest.
Your money otherwise paid to taxes earns interest during deferral.

Choice to Fit Your Needs

Choice of Initial Guarantee Period
You choose how long you want your money to grow (3, 5, or 7 years). Once your Initial Guarantee Period ends, your contract will automatically renew into a Subsequent Guarantee Period of one year, free of a Withdrawal Charge.

Access to Your Assets3
A valuable feature, known as the Free Withdrawal Amount, allows you to withdraw 10% of your Purchase Payment the first year and 10% of your Account Value each year thereafter, should the need arise. While a Withdrawal Charge may apply to amounts withdrawn in excess of the Free Withdrawal Amount, there are special circumstances where a withdrawal can be made without these charges, including:

  • Nursing 数字货币钱包app下载_合约交home Waiver4 – If you become confined to a nursing 数字货币钱包app下载_合约交home and/or hospital for 90 consecutive days or more.

  • Terminal Illness Waiver4 – If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)5 – You are able to make withdrawals for RMD purposes without a Withdrawal Charge.

  • Withdrawals after the Initial Guarantee Period – Once the Initial Guarantee Period you elect has ended, you are able to make withdrawals free of any Withdrawal Charge.

Legacy Planning
Upon your death, your beneficiaries will receive the greater of your Account Value or Minimum Withdrawal Value.6

Guaranteed Income
Turn your assets into a steady stream of income payments (for one or two lives) that will last for a specific period of time or for as long as you live. This income is guaranteed to remain the same, even if the market declines.

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  3. What if I need to use the money for something else before my Initial Guarantee Period
    is over?

  4. What impact will a Fixed Rate Annuity have on my Taxes?