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6-Year Fixed Index Annuity

Get 100% protection1 for your purchase payment against market downturns with an opportunity to grow the money you’ve earmarked for future expenses.

What is a fixed index annuity? While not a direct investment in the equity markets, a fixed index annuity (FIA) is designed to help you accumulate assets for retirement by tracking the performance of well-known market indices. A fixed index annuity may appeal to those close to retirement because their purchase payment is 100% protected against market downturns.

SecureAdvantage 6-Year Offers:

  • A product that offers 100% protection1 for your purchase payment against market downturns with the opportunity to participate in market gains based on a Cap Rate or Participation Rate

  • A death benefit that allows you to provide for your beneficiaries


  • Innovative Annual Sum Index Accounts offer a greater opportunity for growth than some FIA products2

  • Performance Lock lets you secure an index value on any business day3

  • Growth potential is linked to two major market indices – S&P 500® IndexA and Russell 2000® IndexB


  • No annual fees

  • Unlike most FIAs, on any day throughout the index term, you can track how your contract is performing

  • Free Withdrawal Amount available during each contract year4


Why SecureAdvantageSM

Learn how SecureAdvantage 6-Year can help grow and protect your ‘tomorrow’ money.

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  1. How do I know if SecureAdvantage 6-Year is a good fit for my portfolio?

  2. Is this product more appropriate for me the closer I am to retirement?

  3. How have the indices SecureAdvantage 6-Year tracks performed historically?

  4. How much of my retirement funds should I consider putting into SecureAdvantage 6-Year?

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