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Brighthouse SmartCare®

Brighthouse SmartCare, a hybrid life insurance and long-term care (LTC) product, gives your client power over the unexpected.1 Over time, its LTC benefit, death benefit, and cash value can grow, while offering protection from market loss. Better yet, if your client never uses the LTC coverage, their money is put to good use through a death benefit for their loved ones.

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Preparation for an LTC Need

Brighthouse SmartCare is a hybrid life insurance product also designed to provide protection in case of a long-term care event through guaranteed LTC benefits.2

Protection From Unexpected Events

Brighthouse SmartCare provides a guaranteed death benefit as well as protection from market loss if the policy is linked to the performance of major market indices.2,3

Participation in Market Growth3

If elected, Brighthouse SmartCare can link to major market indices, allowing LTC benefits to potentially grow over time with the ability to lock in LTC benefit amounts at any time.

How Brighthouse SmartCare Works

Brighthouse SmartCare is a hybrid indexed universal life insurance policy. It provides a death benefit to beneficiaries and its included riders provide coverage for long-term care expenses. Your client should follow the steps below to customize a policy.

Step 01

Choose an LTC Coverage Option

The guaranteed LTC benefit and initial death benefit amounts are determined when your client applies for a policy, subject to approval by the issuing company. These amounts can grow based on the LTC coverage option your client elects.

Indexed LTC

Benefit amounts have the potential to increase with market gains up to an annual maximum growth rate, but will never drop below the policy’s original amounts.4 Your client can select to track one or more of the following indices: S&P 500® Index (large cap), Russell 2000® Index (small cap), or MSCI EAFE Index (international).A,B,C

Fixed Growth LTC
Benefit amounts earn 5% compound growth annually, helping to protect against inflation.4
Level LTC
Benefit amounts remain the same over time.

Step 02

Choose an LTC Benefit Period

Each policy consists of an LTC Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider (LTC ADBR) and an Extension of Benefits Rider (EOBR) that determine the duration of coverage once a claim begins.

LTC ADBR benefit payments reduce the death benefit and policy values. Up to 95% of the policy face amount can be accessed early for LTC expenses. Pays benefits for the first two years of a claim.5
Once benefits from the LTC ADBR have been exhausted, benefits are paid by the Extension of Benefits Rider.6 EOBR benefit payments do not reduce policy values. These provide monthly benefit payments for two or four additional years once LTC ADBR benefits have been used, resulting in a combined payout period of four or six years.5

Step 03

Choose a Premium Payment Schedule

Your client can choose to make either a single premium payment or annual payments for two to five years.


Brighthouse Simple Underwriting

The underwriting process can stand in the way of stronger client relationships. Brighthouse Simple Underwriting is changing that.7 Available for eligible clients ages 40 to 75 and with face amounts up to $1,000,000, Brighthouse Simple Underwriting includes:

  Ages 40 to 65 Ages 66 to 75
Labs or Exams8 None None
Medical Records For significant medical conditions only Yes
Interview None Cognitive
Initial Decision Within 24 hours of receipt of completed application Within 24 hours of completed requirements


For more information on Brighthouse Simple Underwriting, view the What to Expect Guide.

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